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By Anna Quindlen, Newsweek Columnist and Author. All my babies are gone now. I say this not in sorrow, but in disbelief. I take great satisfaction in ... Raising children is presented at first as a true-false test, then becomes multiple choice, until finally, far along, you realize that it is an endless essay. No one knows anything.
Homeless. Anna Quindlen. Her name was Ann, and we met in the Port Authority Bus Terminal several Januaries ago. I was doing a story on homeless people. She said I was wasting my time talking to her; she was just passing through, although she'd been passing through for more than two weeks. To prove to me that this
Anna Quindlen: Assessing Barack Obama's Progress. Assessing a young presidency. Barack Obama campaigned as a populist firebrand but governs like a cerebral consensus builder. The founding fathers wouldn't have it any other way. Culture
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News about Anna Quindlen. Commentary and archival information about Anna Quindlen from The New York Times.
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Use of Rhetoric in Anna Quindlen's "Evan's Two Moms" - The essay, “Evan's Two Moms”, was written by Anna Quindlen and published in The New York Times and the 2004 edition of Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments. Also, this essay takes a liberal point of view concerning gay marriage and the ability to raise a
Anna Quindlen essays Anna Quindlen is a renowned columnist from the Newsweek magazine. She is very well known by her articles as well as being a feminist; Quindlen has an effective writing style, and uses a lot of components to make it effective. We are going to be analyzing three of them: allusions.

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